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We at Positive Power aspire to inspire children, ages 6 – 10, through structured activities of song, dance, stories, experiential learning, poetry, art and games, all uniquely Africanized originals.   These activities bring joy, fun, laughter, love and light to each child.   More importantly, they inspire future leaders of our world to build solid, sound characteristics by developing respect for self, others and their environment; developing unity, trust and care which in turn creates self-confidence.   Our holistic approach is our call to fame in that Little Heroes – The Ultimate Anti- Bullying Activity Program - truly helps through slow brewing.   An inbred quality empowers each child to want to be their best.  This in itself overcomes either being the bully or being bullied. Leadership skills are naturally developed through our Little Leaders – Big Future Activity Program, ensuring a better world and a better future for all.  We help children in both disadvantaged and advantaged communities to enjoy opportunities for growth and development.   Powerful Parenting is a program designed to help parents and individuals reach their full potential.  It is most powerful when parents and children alike embark on the relevant courses during the same time.   Watch your family life become more meaningful as you all embark on an adventure of a lifetime called Peace and Happiness.  Join us on our quest to help our children reach their full potentials… Together, we CAN.   (Used from the letter written by George Berends, District Director – Department of Education)


"Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. ” -  Ralph Waldo Emerson




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Shonah Milne Melton